There has been a rise in online scammers trying to impersonate artists on social media with the intention of defrauding fans out of money. Share this or bring it up at Thanksgiving as a perfect conversation diversion or segue. Promoting it could possibly lead to more scammers but what’s more important is telling your elders about this. I personally know of someone’s mom who was targeted with a scammer pretending to be an artist asking for money…and the mom went as far as going to Western Union!


It’s the holiday season and this type of fraud will only increase, so wether you tell them or tag them in Bryan Adam’s FB post, make sure to let them know to not reply to anyone claiming to be someone if they have an unverified account without a blue check on it. Then tell them to report the account because there is a 100% chance that this is not the real artist.

Especially share this if you love your Rock & Roll mom, grandma or aunt. Obviously, these scammers reach out to all types of people but it’s just extra sad when they mess with the matriarchy.


Another reason why explaining what I do is complicated…happily I get to take photos and capture videos occasionally. Usually, just on an iPhone or lately with my best friend Tammy’s, Canon Rebel. :) Enjoy!

Here’s a photo I took of Steven T. It’s from the day of rehearsal before the first date on his solo “Out On A Limb” tour in Vegas. Full disclosure this image was edited, like stray hairs cleaned up, etc…by a guy who I had seen on and off for years in Nashville. He was staying with me and stayed up all night editing this. Honestly, I was happy with the original…but whatever. The next day when I didn’t come back to the room until late after the show because I was working, he freaked out and told me I was selfish because I didn’t even bring him food back. So, obviously I kicked him out…however, this allowed me to take the video footage I captured and go over to my cute friend’s house the next day in Los Angeles and he was able to help me create the tour video embedded above.

A photo posted by KNOX HAMILTON (@knoxhamilton) on

A photo posted by KNOX HAMILTON (@knoxhamilton) on

A photo posted by KNOX HAMILTON (@knoxhamilton) on

@knoxhamilton is a Southern band who were in town doing press…we had 45 minutes to shoot outside, surrounded by a bunch of concrete buildings at high noon in Santa Monica.

A photo posted by Dez Money (@dezmoneymusic) on

A photo posted by Dez Money (@dezmoneymusic) on

A photo posted by Dez Money (@dezmoneymusic) on

@dezmoneymusic and his sister are in a band and also play with their pops, Eddie Money. They are sweet and talented humans and I can’t wait to do more with them!

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A photo posted by Alyson Stoner (@alysonstoner) on

A photo posted by Alyson Stoner (@alysonstoner) on

A photo posted by Alyson Stoner (@alysonstoner) on

@alysonstoner looks good in everything and kept it 100 while we were shooting in Venice and a tweaked out man came up on us screaming about if we knew of the “Venice Curse”. Honestly, as terrifying as he was due to his chemical imbalance…he would yell out when we got the best shot and he was always pretty much right. However, the video embedded below that I made for her EP release definitely can account for her maturity and professionalism…she’s been killin’ the game for awhile.


Emoji is now a Universal Language…behind my other favorite Universal Language which is music. :) Don’t be afraid to incorporate Emojis in your Marketing Strategy as when it’s done right you can guarantee high level of engagement with these guys! Below are some examples of creative uses of Emojis that I created for clients this year.

WORLD EMOJI DAY – Yes, this is a real day and you need to be creative and celebrate it on social media. For LL Cool J I created a custom graphic created that reflected his brand and was fun for fans.

Happy #WorldEmojiDay y'all!

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EMOJI MAP – For Steven Tyler’s album release we created a map that let fans share a corresponding emoji that went to their home state/country. Fans were asked to comment with theirs. This has been Steven Tyler’s most commented on Facebook post to date.

– Refreshing old content with emoji’s is a great way to get shares and comments from fans. For Eddie Money I created a nostalgic but fun graphic to keep fans engaged in between releases and shows.

Name that Emoji E$ Tune!

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EMOJI GIVEAWAY – LL Cool J gives away Red Roses at his shows personally to fans, so for Valentine’s Day he commented to fans using the Rose emoji, essentially giving away digital roses.

A Beach Full of Flowers || #inspo #malibu

I spent Sunday morning on a beach in Malibu. There were hundreds of flowers washed up on the shore from a party or wedding I assume. There were also some cute little buddies hanging close by. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! 


Only Your Fringe Should Drag You Down || OOTD

Thank God for Fringe! In 2016 let’s only let our long beautiful fringe drag us down. The fashion benefits are worth it and it’s not spirit crushing like dragging a wet blanket around all year. I mean an actual wet blanket or a human wet blanket, all the same! Happy New Year to my free girls and boys!

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A photo posted by Free Girl Now (@freegirlnow) on

Only your fringe should weigh you down. ✌️ #ootd #streetstyle #fashion #fringe #thursday

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Dare to Cover this Eagles of Death Metal Song || #iloveyouallthetime #eodm #playitforward

3 weeks ago I cried through the whole Eagles of Death Metal Vice interview. When it was over I emailed artists I know or used to work with and told them that they should cover “I Love You All The Time” per the bands request and shared the link to the Vice interview with them. I heard nothing back regarding the song. I’m still just assuming the best, and that is they must be working on mixing it now…

Not only would covering the song lead to any royalties going to victims of the Paris attacks but it would also show solidarity among artists. That could have been any band or any singer-songwriter’s show, it could have been THEIR show. From my industry experience the worst thing that happens to most artists at their shows is playing a wrong chord, having two girlfriends show up or being an an ego or whiskey fueled argument with a bandmate.

Music is the one of the few things we have that makes us feel safe. It’s always there for us. We can get completely fucked over by everyone throughout our day but our favorite song is always there for us when we go to play it.

We have the technology to be able to play our songs anywhere and now is the time more than ever for artists to unite and flood social feeds with their covers of EODM’s “I Love You All The Time”. Please, I beg you, before you go to share your Christmas cover or flavor of the month pop song. Take an hour or two to create and share a cover that will help others and do so with positive intentions. Sweet Stuff, a California non-profit, has taken the initiative to launch the Play It Forward campaign to aggregate all the covers of “I Love You All The Time” on a special site and direct you to your favorite streaming service or digital music store. All profits from these songs will go to help victims and families of the Paris terror attacks.

I used to be a little straight edge kid with pink hair who would go see Coheed and Cambria at a church in Philly for $2, I waited at the back door of the Electric Factory when I was 14 and met Gwen Stefani and when I was 16 I also skanked there with members of New Found Glory when Less Than Jake was playing. Even though I was a dork and would un-ironically do these things sometimes wearing an old D.A.R.E t-shirt I am now daring all my musician friends to upload their covers to,then asking all my industry friends to help them promote the links and fans can purchase, stream and share.

Join Florence + The Machine, Jimmy Eat World, Imagine Dragons and even Kings of damn Leon and do it! If you do, I’ll even send your Christmas song to my mama as an iTunes gift.

Visit to submit your cover and learn more.

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Peace. Love. Music.

Big Red Dress || #OOTD #Holiday

Tis the season to show back and give back! If you are thinking about donating to a large charity consider where the money goes first, but something is better than nothing so they say. Charity Navigator is a great website to learn more about your favorite charities and to research causes further.

I’ll be donating proceeds from all Free Girl Now items sold this month to my favorite charities or kickstarters that come my way, so check out my shop here and shop away! This also applies to custom orders, email me with any inquiries!

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$100 Black Friday Haul ||#shopping #cray

I don’t typically go to shopping in chain stores and I definitely don’t go the day after Thanksgiving but after hosting a huge Thanksgiving dinner with my bestie ( we decided we needed to treat ourselves.

I spent $100 and came back mostly unscathed from the Black Friday crowds, plus I had a mini therapy session with a sweet sales clerk.

I asked the teenager how she was and her eyes started welling up with tears. I was probably one of the first customers to engage with her politely. She told me she missed her grandma and wished she was with her over the holiday. I told her that I understood and that all my family was in Philadelphia and it can be really lonely around the holidays. I also gave her the website to Spirit airlines and told her about their cheap flights and the she should sign up for their email list. She smiled and told me talking to her “had made her feel better.” and she then gave me an excessive amount of coupons and let me know that I saved $75, boom!

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Below is my BF haul:
1. Steve Madden Fringe Laptop Case,$25, ROSS.
2. Silver necklace set, $2, Baldi.
3. Fringe fanny packs, $3, Rue21.
4. The best bra, $6, Forever21.
5. Galaxy panties, $1, Rue21.
6. Jogging pants, $3, Rue21.
7. Faux fur coat, $20, Forever21.
8. Emoji high-waisted skirt, $3, Rue21.
9. Fringe jersey high-waisted skirt, $3, Rue21.

Not pictured:
10. Leopard robe, $10, Rue21.
11. Yankee Candle, $6.50, Ross.

As a former shopgirl I want to say to all the stores, “I love you stores because you are fun even though your customers can be terrifying” and to all the teenage clerks working their first jobs at a retail shop, “it will only make you stronger..I wish I could say it gets better! BUT you will have a bunch of customers that are awesome too (maybe not as many at a big chain store) but they help make it worth it.”

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